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In our quest to share information and assist you in healing, we are offering a full series of Articles on VIBRANT HEALTH…. Each article will cover a specific topic to help assist you in understanding different conditions, why they occurs, how you can help yourself heal and of course products on special that will align with each topic.
But we are adding a twist to the series in honour of Dr Hulda Clark and Louise L. Hay... Two amazing ICONS that have blessed us with amazing modalities of healing. The one, DR Hulda Clark, who has 60 years or more research behind her protocols dealing with physical and emotional aspects, toxins and parasites and Louise L. Hay a amazing teacher, motivational author that has given us a gift of clear vision by aligning emotional issues to physical aliments. We invite you to join us on this amazing journey of self discovery, self healing and sharing…..



There is a new thought process developing in our world at the moment about health…. You may know about it but do you understand it and how it works. Traditionally we have been programmed to believe that the body is a faulty machine that needs to be fixed, monitored and changed, either through chemicals or rather invasive methods. We have been taught that we must suppress all symptoms with chemicals and thoughts that are quick fixes. They do not heal you, they suppress your symptoms, they teach you to ignore the messages that your body sends to you to take heed of something happening that is out of balance.

This new thought about health has actually been around for some time now… Holistic Health. The pattern of thought now is that your body is very capable of healing itself. This is achieved by your participation. You are the one who feels your body’s cries of pain and discomfort. World Famous Louise Hay was one of the first teachers to help us understand and listen to our body’s by aligning every illness, dis-ease and aliment with a emotional issue or thought process. By looking inward at how you think,speak, act and feel you are beginning to understand that health is a whole modality. Permanent healing comes from many angles and it is up to you to make the necessary changes to align the balance of your body. This is done in three parts:- The foods and liquids you consume, the products you use on your body and in your home  and finally what you believe, think, feel and say. By applying all these modalities to your lifestyle you honour your body as the magnificent creation it truly is. You can continue to fight your body or you can start to trust it once more  You can begin to believe your body is WHOLE.

To begin the series of Vibrant Health our first topic is ACIDITY…..

Would it surprise you to know that a huge amount of your painful ailments, dis-ease and illness originate with acidity. Your body is very complex and advanced in its make-up.

One of the key understandings in the development of the science of health and it’s maintenance is that the body,when properly nourished, oxidative stress reduced, can repair itself to an extraordinary degree. The problem of living in today’s time frame is that your life is filled with stress and toxic exposure. Short of optimal functioning your body struggles to maintain balance and vibrant health.

Acidity is responsible for the largest portion of your ailments. When your PH is acidic, your oxygen levels drop. Your “Inner Oceans”- blood/water- are defined as the balance between electrodes and oxygen. Oxygen is the healer of the body and is the hallmark of immune defenses. Oxygen destroys pathogens and rids the body of all unwanted debris. Without oxygen the acceleration of erosion to connective tissue, cell structuring, hormones and enzymes is very evident. DNA strands get crippled and a body with low oxygen and high acidity leads to inflammation which in turn leads to dis-ease. You need oxygen to burn carbon, Add to it Vit D(sunshine) and now the oxygen can be delivered through the alkaline blood to the rest of the body.

To maintain vibrant health the Ph should be between 7.35-7.45.

Lets look at the inflammation alongside acidity. You have a acidic body that is now low in oxygen(remember alkalinity carries oxygenated blood through the body) this produces inflammation, the first signal to you that the body is struggling to heal or maintain a balance. If you (as discussed earlier) suppress the symptoms (through chemical painkillers which you have been conditioned to do), the next phase the body will use to get our attention is erosion. Erosion is the wearing down of joints/muscle/cells/cellular structures/aging etc. This will now reflect in our systems as painful conditions like arthritis/inflamed joint/tense tight muscles/torn tendons and ligaments/ rheumatoid arthritis/ osteoarthritis/acid re-flux/ kidney issues etc…..

Acidity and lack of oxygen, plus toxic internal environment, will eventually lead to crystal deposits. These deposits create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and parasites. These unwanted passengers will over time excrete huge amounts of waste products, hatchlings and eggs into your blood stream, joints muscles, cells and organs.  These critters are very resourceful and will hide in the most unlikely places to avoid being detected. So this follows as per our last August Newsletters to detox at least 2 per year, change the diet to living, clean, nourishing food, hydrate well and reduce toxic intake in food and body products.

Drinking sufficient good quality re- mineralized water assists the kidneys to successfully rid the body of excess acids and unwanted by products. Water directly nourishes the cells, supports the body’s natural detox organs and systems and helps reduce acidic conditions.

Water and pH

Building a sufficient base to neutralize acids is of the highest importance, as these acids are temporarily stores in connective tissue and muscle walls awaiting to be neutralized. If the neutralization does not happen we get”chronic overload”. High levels of acid in blood that disturbs the catabolic pathways(building and breaking down of molecules). Your cellular structures depends on the right PH for optimal form and function.
Stomach-PH1-3, Pancrease PH 10, Intestines PH 6-7 are a few indicators see below chart

  • pH in the Body

    The heart distributes c.7500 litres of blood through  +-c.95 000 km of blood vessels every day.

  • Blood stimulates all the organs and tissues, transporting oxygen and nourishment to every single cell in the body.
  • High acidity levels and lack of good quality water reduces the hearts ability to flow and pump correctly, and thus prevents the blood from reaching the tiny capillaries.

The result is a lack of oxygen to the system which encourages pathogens, parasites and fungus to grow. (Remember illness like cancer can not grow in alkaline systems).

The body lacking oxygen and high in acidity will resort to survival mode. This is when the body starts to draw what it needs from bone, muscle,and organs. It will do this to create a base (from the nutrients it can draw) to try and convert from acidic system to alkaline system. This is where the issue gets serious. Conditions that are very painful will reveal themselves in all the above mentioned ailments and more gout, kidney congestion, gall and liver, back pain to name a few more for you.

To understand that acidity is a rather important topic is putting it mildly. Simple applications that are easy and effortless that you can apply will save you many hours of pain and discomfort. The simple solution is to synergetically work with your body not against it.


Dealing with Acidity – How?

Here are a few tips to assist you in alkalizing and cleaning your system and tagged on behind are our products we recommend you use. There are so many products that are excellent to assist you on your journey of Vibrant health. Click on these to purchase them through our Online Shop

Cut out all Gluten, wheat, sugar,coffee and tea
Exercise at least twice a week Yoga, walking, cycling, Pilates or Tai Chi
Change your diet to one that feeds and nourishes your body with living foods( salads, fresh veggies)
Kick the junk

Use Coconut Oil for cooking in place of margarine and butter. Use it for oil pulling to maintain healthy gums, teeth, salivary glands and reduce cholesterol levels naturally
(Coconut Oil 1 Litre)

Drink Living Water that is re-mineralized- min 2 Litre per day
( Living Water 1 Litre)

Detox at least twice a year with
( either the Dr Hulda Clark Traditional kits or the Quick Cleanse Kits)

Drink 1/2 Tsp Bicarbonate of Soda in a small amount of water 30 minutes away from food once a day
(Bicarbonate of Soda- Aluminium Free 100g)

Take a good Probiotic every morning
(Rafaa Liquid 500 ml)

Turmeric Capsules 2 per day or Golden Drink every morning -Raw Honey, Whole apple Cider Vinegar,Turmeric Powder and Black Cumin seed Oil. Turmeric is better at easing pain than Ibuprofen in New Research. Turmeric the best Chemo herb available, best anti-inflammatory. Turmeric is now acclaimed to remove fluoride from the system.
(Turmeric Capsules 42 or 100/ Turmeric Tincture 50 ml /Turmeric and Black Pepper Capsules/Turmeric Powder 100g/ Black Cumin Seed Oil 200 ml)

Ginger is now regarded as one of the best anti-inflammatory and pain killer for migraine headaches and arthritic conditions. Also build up immunity in the system. Wild Yam alleviates arthritic conditions as well
(Ginger Capsules 42 /Ginger Tincture 50 ml/ Wild Yam 50 ml)

Lugol’s is a amazing product to take internally to feed and nourish the system(see last month article on the website blog). Used to paint painful joint.. eases pain immediately. Saved a patients hand after diagnosed with Gout.
(Lugol’s Iodine 50 ml and 500 ml)

MSM is especially popular as part of an arthritis diet and supplementation plan to treat arthritus/ osteoarthritis /degenerative joint disease since it helps form connective tissue and repairs joints, tendons and ligaments. It also builds back and increase bone density.
(MSM Capsules 100)

Magnesium Oxide produces and transports energy to the cells, it develops healthy muscles and removes acidity and toxins from the body.
(Magnesium Oxide Lite Powder or Capsules 100)

Borax 20 Mule suggested brand Dr Hulda Clark made into a drink delivers sufficient Boron to build back bones and build muscle.
(Borax 1 Kg, 500 g/200 g)

Echinacea Tincture has huge ability to build and maintain a health immune system as well as Marshmallow tincture which also works on digestive system and mucus membranes.
(Echinacea Tincture 50 ml and Marshmallow Tincture 50 ml)

Reduce your stress levels by using natural calmative like Passion Flower and L-Ornithine to sleep well
(Passion Flower Tincture 50 ml and L-Ornithine powder 25 g)

L-Cysteine  is essential in the body due to it’s main functions which includes reducing inflammation, joint health, arthritis, anti-aging ability, boosting the immune system, combats osteoporosis
(L-Cysteine 42 Capsules)

Hydrochloric Acid a potent digestive aid the promotes stomach acidity and supports better nutrient absorption
( HCL 50 ml and 500ml)

And Last but not least at all, The Zapper which builds immunity by boosting the white blood cells into Super cells. Enhances supplementation, enhances detox ability, it is a magnificent pain killer, fights daily fatigue and boost energy levels.

(Zapper comes with instructions of use BUT if you purchase in the Month of September we will gift you a free THE BIRTH OF THE ZAPPER BOOKLET WORTH R50.00 EACH)

NB: Please bear in mind we are not suggesting you take all the above aids to balance your acidity levels, but have given suggestions that will assist you in making informative choices to eliminating your pain and discomfort.

To add to the above information Louise Hay has assisted us in understanding the underlying emotional issues that acidity produces. In short :

  • Pain-Longing for Love or to be held. Stuck in pain and guilt
  • Back Pain-Represents support of life- carrying a heavy burden, unable to support self
  • Bone- Not sufficient support in life, life is heavy and difficult
  • Gout-Impatience, anger and need to domniate
  • Heart Burn/Acid-Fear and Rejection
  • Inflammation-Anger, frustration in your life
  • Kidney Stones and Kidney- Anger, criticism of self and other, failure, lumps of unresolved anger
  • Joints- inflexibility, ego and pride, stubbornness and stuck not willing to move.

The understanding for all of us is that we have to be brutally honest with ourselves to be able to heal permanently and completely. To look deep within our own being and evaluate what ails us is our job and responsibility and through this we reach a break through into health, happiness and freedom.

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