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Jul 13, 2020 | Affiliate Program, Asbestos Detox, Catholyte

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Free Affiliate Program

Supplement your income.


Become self sufficient.
Passive Income

We are seeking Affiliates-Spokespersons across the country.

We are so  blessed the Affiliate Program has taken off wonderfully and we are so excited to be not only assisting South Africans to improve their financial situations but to be involved in marketing safe, non-toxic alternative sanitisers and cleaning products as well.

We all know and understand the current economic climate and many of us are in search of reliable and sound ways of supplementing our incomes or even beginning an enterprise that enables us to be self sufficient and empowered. There is an amazing opportunity through Herba Farmacy – Natural Healing’s Free Affiliate Program to do just that!

Consider this!

Maybe you would consider selling products from home or maybe you have lost your income base or part thereof and need to supplement it or maybe you understand that now is the time to be independent and have full control of your income streams. Our System of Affiliates is absolutely free and can be entered into on different levels to suit your financial ability in these trying times…. Click the Button to Read More

Anolyte Refresher

Anolyte is a multipurpose sanitizer used on surfaces, hands, produce, for decontamination, medical equipment and water disinfection. It is rinse and residual free. It is safe to use around food, pets, people and has no toxic effect. It is being used by many in the field of burns, wound recovery, debridement agent and cleaning solution for acute and chronic wounds, burns 1st and 2nd degree, as well as for bed sores. It is used in moisturizing wound dressings during cleaning and irrigation of wounds. Anolyte reduces the bacterial load, removes fetid odour and supports in speedy wound recovery.

Anolyte is a non toxic hand sanitizer safe to use on children and pets.  An Anolyte bath for pet can be done by spraying a mist onto pets coats and towel drying it with wonderful sanitizing  and deodorizing effects. It is a highly effective cleaning agent in bathrooms and shower curtains against spores(1/4 cup to a bucket of water or use neat if you desire higher efficacy). It is fast drying and can be used safely in your refrigerator to decontaminate. It has shown to reduce age spots on the skin and does not dry out your hands like traditional alcohol sanitizers.

Anolyte is used by many big name brands to combat mould growth in cereals, to clean packaging machinery leaving no residue when the products pass through to the end packaging process. It revitalizes fresh fruit and veggies and extends their shelf live besides the natural disinfection abilities it holds…. Read More

Catholyte -Effects on human health are impressive

This amazing article covers the additional uses of catholyte by way of detoxification, water hydration and the ability to de-acidify the body without neutralising the stomach acid. It shows the ability of catholyte to reach within cells where acid/toxins and heavy metals are trapped and remove the blockage. In this blocked state no matter what detoxification program is used the heavy metals cannot be released completely.. By consuming catholyte we remove the inner cellular blockage and now can detoxify properly. The cells are revitalised and can also consume fresh water to hydrate … This of course will require drinking living water .

Unbalanced diet, stress and heavy physical stress may require support for the acid-base household. CATHOLYTE is a quality product without chemical additives, rich in biophotons and it counteracts acidification. All metabolic processes can only take place with the help of water. Water serves our body as a solvent, transport, and cleaning agent. Water transports nutrients to cells and pollutants as well as degradation products from cells and connective tissue.

The detoxification of the body as well as an optimal blood circulation and cell activity can only be carried out by aquantitatively and qualitatively sufficient supply of water. Sufficient fluid in the form of pure water is important for well being.The supply of saturated water such as coffee, sodas and carbonated water can increase the salt concentration in the body.

Pure spring water in combination with CATHOLYTE is a good combination for neutralizing toxins in the body. CATHOLYTE does not neutralize the stomach but takes the ion
exchange directly in the cells. The existing vital substances are transported directly into the cells and slag is discharged.

Read more…on this fascinating article online or download it

Besides the health benefits Catholyte has more amazing uses…

A non-foaming detergent – an effective solution for all-purpose cleaning.
Alkaline Catholyte has a pH between 11 and 13 and can be used for flocculation (e.g. of heavy metals), coagulation, washing, extraction.
Furthermore, this solution can be used as a residue free cleaner and surface tension reduce in C.I.P,surface hygiene, laundry and wherever there is a need to increase pH levels of the water to be treated.

Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, safe to use.
Easy Hygiene compliance!
Soak, brush, spray or fog work areas.
Clean tools, vehicles & equipment.
Clean bathroom, kitchen, laundry.
De-grease work surfaces & appliances.
Clean food and beverage equipment.
Ideal for farm and dairy use.

Catholyte is an effective detergent for all – purpose cold cleaning, removing biofilm, proteins and fats. Ideal for surface cleaning walls, floors, appliances and equipment. Added surfactant enhances the grease – cutting power for vehicles, tools and equipment.

Asbestos Detox Program

Asbestos Detox Program- We all need to ensure our Immune systems are operating at maximum capacity. Did you know that asbestos prohibits the immune from functioning properly. Doing a Asbestos detox will enable your system to remove ferritin that blocks its capacity to operate correctly. All South Africans should do this cleanse as we have a history of high asbestos toxicity. Be protected

Asbestos pollutes so much of our foods – e.g. the peels of fruits from being on conveyor belts and sugar being transported through silos. As soon as we ingest it our immune cells gobble it up. Asbestos is like tiny sharp needles that penetrate everything, and they are soon free again, probably cutting through the cells. So, the body makes another plan – it covers the points of the needles with a substance that acts as a sticky gum and sticks the needles together keeping them in blunter bundles. The gum is a substance called FERRITIN – but it is also torn by the sharp asbestos and exposes its ferric IRON core which is highly oxidising – it over oxidises everything including good germanium turning it into bad germanium. This bad or oxidised germanium attacks the spleen and causes anemia. Good germanium is necessary to prevent mutations and cancer…
Read More Here…

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