Massive liability cases piling up against business for forcibly applying toxic sanitisers in malls, business, place of work, clinics and much more..

We are on a collaborative mission to assist South Africa to switch to non- toxic non-alcohol sanitisers – Anolyte. Check this link out where Swellendam has just been fogged completely with Anolyte (HOCL).

As Affiliates you have the opportunity to start up a very lucrative business re-selling anolyte in your town, city or suburb, the sky is the limit. And we are here to support you all the way. This is a world service opportunity to be apart of the solution instead of the cause…… Poisoning our Nation

Looking forward to welcoming you into
Herba Farmacy-Natural Healing
Affiliate Family!

anolyte hypochlorous acid

Anolyte – Hypochlorous Acid


We are very excited to let you  know that the Promo Pack Page is now live on the website!

We have put this together primarily for the affiliates but anyone wishing to glean additional information on Anolyte and Catholyte can also access this page.

Our reasoning for creating this project is to make available a safe, non-alcohol based sanitiser that can be used with peace of mind for protection against not only Covid but any bacteria and viruses.

As always we are on the forefront of making available to our valued customers a better option that is clean, safe and meets our promise to you of maintaining Dr Hulda Clark’s high standards of protocols. We have also realised that the need to create financial stability is so urgently required at this stage in our economy and thus have made the Free Affiliate Program Available to all.

There are no upfront costs, no outlay financially, because we know we need to be apart of the solution in these current trying times. But most of all we are so excited about these products because they have shown themselves to be a solution to the hygiene levels we require at the moment. We  advocate being in the business of harmless products that can, not only protect you, but save yourself, your children and anyone we market to from the horrendous toxic poisonous sanitisers that are now the markets new rage.

However, if you wish to become a member of the online business portfolio we have you covered as well. We offer a very affordable one page website that will carry you through with professionalism and peace of mind. All you need do is sell-sell-sell…. Our IT Specialist will take care of the rest for you…

So why wait, lets get things moving and get you not only safe and protected but financially secure.

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