Lugol’s iodine, which has been around for centuries and is well know for it medicinal benefits, is one of the 67, to date, identified minerals that is essential and crucial to life and health. But sadly, Lugol’s Iodine is not as well know in households as it should be, given its paramount importance for good health. Only when we started to experience radiation disasters did many practitioners turn to Iodine as the solution and even though it has a massive role to play in protecting us against this radiation, this it not all Lugol’s can do, not by a very long shot….. By fully educating ourselves on Lugol’s health benefits, dosages to use and ensuring these levels are correct in our bodies, we will be able to rid ourselves of a staggeringly high range of illness. Why? Iodine deficiencies is present in 99.99% of the populace today.. And what is worse the deficiencies in most people are huge.

I would like to give an example of the miraculous ability of Lugol’s Iodine. A client was about to lose his hand due to gout conditions and the little finger, pinky, was already black in colour showing no circulation ability at all. Surgery was scheduled to be in a few weeks, so by agreement we jumped into action. Firstly, the client was instructed to paint the whole hand with Lugol’s Iodine no dilution. Within 2 hours the Iodine had almost completely absorbed into the skin and the black colour on the pinky had receded to the tip only. The second painting cleared the black colour completely showing circulation was now in full swing in the whole hand. The swelling was dramatically reduce, pain was at a level of better tolerance and the redness was almost gone. With the third painting the hand was saved and no surgery was necessary at all. The full use of the hand returned and the swelling and pain had almost completely disappeared. THIS IS THE MIRACLE OF THE UNIVERSAL MEDICINE LUGOL’S IODINE……..

Without going into technical jargon, Lugol’s can speak better for itself by the list given where is has shown remarkable results;
Thyroid Goiter/Cretinism/Thyroid Cancer/Breast Cancer/Achlorhydria(lack of digestive acid)/Stomach Cancer/Dry Eyes/Dry Mouth/Cysts/Heavy Metal Chelation of mercury, lead,cadmium,aluminum/Gout/Arthritis/Eliminates toxins like mercury, fluorides,chlorides and bromides/Antiseptic/open blocked arteries/Disinfects water/UTI/Diminishes Keloids scarring/loosens phlegm/necessary for every hormone receptor in the body/necessary for every gland in the body/necessary for every cell in the body/helps improve bowel function/assist in brain fog/Renuad’s syndrome/ low energy/sensitivity to cold/ skin complexion/high blood pressure/malaria and tropical fevers/influenza/venereal diseases/throat infections/sinusitis/bronchitis and asthma/joints/acute infections/anti-oxidant/Improve immunity/improve insulin levels. The list can go on indefinitely…..

Doctors, Homeopaths,Naturopaths, Dietitians, health practitioners have now reached consensus that supplementation of Lugol’s Iodine is so important. Many have found once the supplementation is in full swing many of unknown conditions and known conditions subside considerable.

One important point to remember with Lugol’s Iodine is that the supplementation should be done slowly and methodically to avoid overpowering the bodies systems. Check if you are allergic to Iodine and do not take Thyroid medication in conjunction with Lugol’s. Rather chat to your health provider to assist you in either adding the supplementation of Lugol’s or remain on the allopathic medication.Many clients have found that they are actually not allergic to Lugol’s Iodine but that the effects they fell are iodine detox effects, so check this carefully before you start supplementation.