Natural vs Synthetic Supplements

May 4, 2023 | Dr Hulda Clark Remedies, Natural Supplements

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Full disclosure of what you should know and why!


Natural vs Synthetic – What are synthetics? -recap

  • 90% of all current shelf products are synthetics, as at the 1 May 2022, all non-pharmaceutically registered products were removed off the large suppliers shelves
  • All major retailers have been limited to only pharmaceutical registered products

This means:

  • Dosages are limited to minuscule amounts to conform to pharmacopeia requirements creating ineffective supplements
  • Or your amount of capsules taken will have to be so large it will be impractical
  • Prices are exorbitant due to cost of pharmaceutical registration
  • Majority pharmaceutical manufacturers use synthetic components to save cost on production
  • Pharmaceutical Registered manufacturers will be incentivized to use synthetics through pharmacopeia regulations
  • Mass production by pharmaceutical manufacturer will require the use of toxic sanitizers in and on any machinery and surfaces to comply with regulations
  • Compliance to pharmacopeia will limit manufacturers from  advertising what the products can or should be used for.
  • They may only name the product e.g: Turmeric Capsules nothing more
  • Only pharmaceutical registered manufacturers are allowed to shelf products in big supplier stores like Clicks and Dis chem
  • The aim of pharmacopoeia is to ensure all products will require a script- just like the B Complex booster injection which requires a script to get now
  • All synthetics are produced in a laboratory
  • Synthetics may or may not even act in the same way when ingested as the natural product do
  • Synthetics train the brain to treat natural compounds as foreign material so the body rejects them
  • Extracts or isolations have missing components which cause the body to reject them or disable absorption


Use of or overuse of synthetics is opposite to what is disclosed

  • Weakened Immune
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Allergies
  • Gut Problems
  • Creates and encourages Super-bug growth
  • Synthetics are toxic so they create more food for parasite infestation
  • Confuses Nero-paths in the brain as to what is natural and what is not
  • Mental confusion due to toxic overload
  • Acidity resulting in joint deterioration
  • Muscle weakness and retardation of healing process
  • Synthetics are dead material with no life force-bio-photons


Natural vs Synthetic – What are naturals?

  • Natural manufacturers will not get incentivized at all
  • Naturals are derived from living plants
  • No synthetics are present not even the preservative
  • Naturals are whole in make-up and are not extracts
  • All components are present to assist in optimal absorption
  • Re-training  the Nero-path of the brain will have to be done over a period to get the brain to recognize natural components
  • Naturals are easily absorbed through the stomach lining and enter the blood stream extremely fast
  • Naturals are derived from a living substance and have what we call life force-bio-photons
  • Bio-Photons in naturals are components that heal
  • They are non suppressive in nature
  • Compounds in natural whole vitamins are complex compounds including all the necessary minerals and trace elements which act synergistically to deliver optimally
  • They are whole in their component form and not isolated, they have high biodiversity
  • Naturals feed the whole system and keep the balance of nutrients and minerals in check
  • Naturals feed the mitochondria and telomeres which measure aging

90% of all products currently on large suppliers shelves are either partly or completely synthetic

10% are extracts which are isolated components of the whole

10% are sparsely available at smaller outlets like Health Shops and online stores


Natural vs Synthetic – BUILD YOU KNOWLEDGE!

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There is a very important reason I ask that you bear with me and cover these topics to gain a better understanding. I would like you to assist me after you have read the above articles. It is of vital importance that you have a say and voice your choice and opinion

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