Getting Back your Immune Power HIV/AIDS No 2
March 28, 2019
Stress and The Nervous System
April 9, 2019


How it works

To Quote Dr Clark:

“Generating positive offset frequencies is the best way to kill all pathogens quickly. But it takes more than one treatment. It takes three treatments to kill everything. Why? The first zapping kills viruses, bacteria and parasites. But a few minutes’ later, bacteria and viruses (different ones) often recur. I conclude they had been infecting the parasites, and killing the parasites released them. The second zapping kills the released viruses and bacteria, but soon a few viruses appear again. They must have been infecting some of the last bacteria. After a third zapping I never find any viruses, bacteria or parasites, even hours later.

Why Herba Farmacy-Natural Healing’s zappers?
Herba Farmacy-Natural Healing Pty Ltd is the leading authority on the Clark protocols in Africa. Our zappers have been personally tested and approved by Dr Clark. We not only know how to make them for maximum safety and efficacy but we are also equipped to assist you to use them correctly and for best results and we have been doing so with good results for over 18 years.

New Sqaure  Wave Frequency Zapper plus Tooth Zapper in One -2019

  • New Frequency Generator (Zapper): Technical Specifications Zapper and Tooth Zapper Combined
  • 2 Pen Light Batteries- Remove Batteries when not in use. Batteries will last longer and will avoid them going flat if left un-used in Zapper.
  • 1KhZ for Tooth Zapping
  • 30 kHz Frequency- Square wave for normal Zapping
  • Low battery warning – Flashing Light LED (Set conservatively at 7 volts to ensure optimal effectiveness)
    3 LED Output indicator lights
    Current drain 6-8ma
    1 k/ohm source impedance
    High impact ABS Plastic case
    Hard-drawn copper handholds
    High grade flexible cables
    High grade components
    Press Button 3 way switch- First push on and at 30khz, second push changes to 1khz and third push held down for 2 seconds switches off
    CMOS Technology (lowers power consumption)
    Each unit is hand built and individually tested
    3 month guarantee on manufacturing defects
    Full backup service provided for spares and or repairs

NOTE: Our Singular Zapper which is our mainstay Zapper will increase in price as soon as our current stock is depleted. This is due to manufacturing increases which have been unavoidable. Current stock will still sale At R 875.00 each and New stock will be at R 935.00 each