Curing Candida Albicans

If you’ve read our previous posts in the Vibrant Health Series (see links to these at the bottom of this post) you will remember we spoke in-depth about root causes, why suppression with traditional drugs is not a good idea, and how we MUST find root causes to be able to heal completely….

Lets connect all the little dots. Acidity leads to a system that allows all manner of dis-eases to grow, right? Cancer IS a fungus and candida IS a fungus and both can only grow in acidic conditions…….



Research Done by Dr Hulda Clark +-60 years ago now being proved and shows the link….acidity leads to toxins, toxins lead to parasites, more acidity develops and dis-eases grow….

Candida albicans is present throughout the body including the digestive tract in both women and men. This common type of yeast is naturally present in the body and if kept in check by our natural system has only beneficial effects. These are mainly healthy bacteria in the intestine but if they are destroyed through poor diet and /or chemicals like anti-biotics, we have a yeast that grows exponentially and takes over within a very short time span. The excessive yeast breaks through linings and travels to areas like vagina, urinary tract, mouth, basically any dark, warm and moist area in the body. This indicates that the whole body, its cells, organs and skin can be adversely affected.

Most belief structures are that candida is a trivial aliment that can only cause minor infections like vaginal itching and discomfort or oral infection even though extremely painful like thrush. But little is known that candida is associated with a wide number of chronic if not dangerous dis-eases if left untreated like cervical cancer, heart conditions, hearing impairment, eye sight erosion, brain fog, leaky gut syndrome and IBS to name a few. The candida in situations like intestinal infection drown out and kill the good bacteria that plays a crucial role in strong immune response. By compromising  these important protective bacteria the overgrowth of  yeast can set the stage for a heavily compromised  immune system which could lead to rather serious conditions.

In our previous article we spoke at length on Acidity  and the devastating effects it can have on the whole physical and emotional system. If we look at the scenario of candida plus acidity, we are seeing a very different picture of these so-called benign ailments that can have far reaching implications of damaging our health.



Yeast grows at a phenomenal rate given the right conditions and can spread throughout the body undetected as a invasive fungus. This fungus has root-like filaments that extend and penetrate all linings in the internal tract in search for food. In this breakthrough method candida can now enter the blood stream and subsequently your tissues and organs as well. The main food for candida is sugar and carbohydrates, alcohol and fizzy carbonated drinks. The fungus feeds on the carbohydrates(sugars and starches) from the diet and if left undetected will invade the whole body with damaging consequences. It really doesn’t take much food (sugar and starches)  to allow candida to blow out of control. Simple things like over use of anti-biotics has created a resistant strain that normal medication has no impact on. As these yeast population explodes in the body, cravings for more sugar will be dramatically increased, as the yeast gets fed, the more the system craves sugar creating a vicious cycle of feed and destroy. As mentioned in our acidity article, all parasites, fungus and bacteria have by products. So in the case of candida, the body is not only battling the candida fungus, but sugar and acidic overload and to add insult to injury the by products from all these unwanted organisms as well.

This puts an immense  strain on the body and organs causing the fight and flight syndrome to occur. The body’s intrinsic make-up will use whatever defenses it has at it’s disposal to remedy the imbalance. The resultant condition is not only candida, but sugar issues which could morph into diabetes,  heart conditions to name but two.

In most cases, allopathic application again as discusses in series 1 are designed to suppress by the use of anti-biotics and the like, which in turn only feeds the candida fungus. It never sources the root cause of a illness/dis-ease and is not the primary goal. Symptoms bases application with no avenue to seek root cause leads to many conditions being misdiagnosed. The only way to move from a acidic immune depressed system is to look at the root cause. In the new thought modality of Holistic Health this is what is being done with great success. Why? We are seeing by “peeling the onion layers away”(symptoms and aches and pains), and by using simple techniques like detoxification, balancing acidity, changing eating patterns, dropping junk food and chemicals from our diet and hygiene regimes and aggressively treating conditions like candida we are achieving results some will call “miraculous”.
Candida is a very real and dangerous condition that should NEVER be ignored. Remember the body has alarm buttons that it ignites to worn us of imbalance, if we suppress or ignore them the results could be devastating to health. Controlling candida is really rather simple, but does take your collaboration, and earnest will power , just like acidity to overcome.

Start by checking your acidity levels and applying some of the principles in the modality (Series 1). Combating candida is a multi faceted process that involves killing fungus, preventing new growth, clearing the body of die-off(dead cells of fungus and their by-products), toxins and the prevention of future out breaks.

To Begin the protocols:  Follow a Candida Diet- We have a book written by Dr Shearer that has all you would need to know about Candida, what to eat and what not to eat. Candida is influenced by your diet so there is not getting away with cheating….. Drop all sugars and carbohydrates( which are broken down by the body intro simple sugars), sweeteners, wheat, fruit, alcohol, fizzy carbonated drinks and all junk food with preservatives, colorants.  The reasoning is we are starving the yeast growth and weakening its cellular structure to then enable us to kill it. Increase your high fibre products as these absorb dead cells and toxins and stimulate the colon to expel more efficiently.


Full Body Detoxification

Next is to complete a Full Body Detoxification (Ultimate Quick Cleanse Kit or the Traditional Dr Hulda Clark Protocols))with the aid of the Zapper. The Zapper will not only kill off the Candida fungus but the parasites that have now over populated too. The Zapper also boosts your immune system as it is designed to super charge your white blood cells to build and boost immunity to its optimum level. The full body detox is necessary as remember candida breaks through linings SO the whole system will be invaded. In place of the Quick ParaZap the traditional Herbal Parasite cleanse is necessary as it contains Green Black Walnut Tincture Extra strong to kill off the invading candida. As with all detoxes 2 litres of good quality water is necessary to assist the elimination of  toxins.

Supplementation of HCl (Hydrochloric Acid) is to assist your digestion to operate at the correct acidic level and ensure all food is broken down completely and expelled within 4 hours. It is a normal side effect from Candida that the Stomach acid is compromised. The second step here is to supplement with a very good probiotic like Rafaa, which will re-populate the gut and intestine/colon with good bacteria and assist in better absorption of nutrients consumed.

Die off reaction is to be expected as the candida is killed and releases its by products and toxins into the blood stream. Symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, headaches, body aches and flu like symptoms are absolutely normal. Further symptoms will come from the withdrawal of sugar, refined carbohydrates, caffeine etc… these will automatically cause a drop in your dopamine levels( happy hormone) and could lead to feelings of depression. To assist in minimizing then symptoms The ImmuneZap contains the velvet bean which is the dopamine you require to uplift the feelings of depression, but will also boost the entire immune system to start fighting back naturally. One of the additional side effects from die off is that ammonia is released from the dying fungus. We combat this with L-Ornithine which not only helps eliminate the ammonia but also assists in sleeping comfortably each night.


Controlling Candida

Controlling candida is not the primary goal, eradication is. This means stopping the habits that caused the condition in the first place. Maintaining a strong immune system, keeping the digestive tract healthy by supplementing with probiotics and HCL, adjusting to a healthy diet, reducing stress by finding positive outlets like walking, yoga Ta Chi or any other exercise you favour, reducing exposure to environmental toxins are all important and an integral part of a anti-candida lifestyle that should be implemented indefinitely.

Adding oregano oil to the arsenal against candida is vital. Oregano oil has components that react with the water in your bloodstream to dehydrate and kill the cells of the candida. Oregano oil, by extensive research has proven to be far more effective that 18 different allopathic drugs. Being natural, oregano oil has very little side effects in comparison to regular anti fungal’s and does not create resistant candida cells.

As with the article on acidity, lack of oxygen in the cellular structure is a side effect of Candida as the levels of oxygen drop, acidity rises and now adds additional peripheral conditions to the mix. The higher the acidity level, the higher the yeast growth, which now morphs into a fungus and then into a highly dangerous mould and becomes a perfect breeding ground for other parasites to multiply in.

The last additional protocol is the LG/LA which is abundant in amino acids and acts as a powerful immune booster. It will assist in the cravings and withdrawal symptoms of sugar and carbohydrates. It balances the blood sugars and will regenerate the digestive tract making the journey of recovery a whole lot easier.

Above all, a full understanding must be adopted that if the lifestyle is not changed, no amount of supplements, herbs or protocols will be effective in killing candida permanently. Enough information has been supplied to understand that candida is dangerous and must be eradicated as soon as possible.  Only you can make the choice to stop the never ending cycle of Candida and we are hear to assist as far as we possibly can… But ultimately it is your determination, courage and will power that will reign supreme in the battle.


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