In the many years of our existence, we have made it our mission to be available to assist you on your personal journey of health. As you can imagine, over time, one or two people answering all your questions, giving you guidance and sharing information has become a daunting task. This post deals with natural products combating acidity

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Here’s a list of beneficial products for dealing with Acidity. Click on the links to be taken to the product in our Online Shop.

Pure Organic Coconut Oil

Use in place of margarine or butter for a healthier choice and reduce stress on your body… See our full article on the Website


Living Water

2 litres Good quality water that is re-mineralized is important to flush your system of toxins and acidity.. See article on Website blog….


Bicarbonate of Soda

Bicarbonate of Soda 100g reduces acidity in the system and assists alkaline blood high in oxygen to be transported through the body…



Amazing Probiotic that is natural and potent. Rafaa is an organic prebiotic and probiotic bacteria and contains live Bacteria Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bacillus Laterosporus and Saccharomyces Boulardi. Rafaa is a natural medium for the good bacteria to grow in with the correct pH and works immediately. Is a powerful antioxidant to prevent aging and can be used on the skin as well. It detoxifies the body from heavy metals as well as other toxins and can be used as a natural energy drink which strengthens the immune system. Rafaa is a natural anti-acid product to correct body’s pH level.



The Zapper is a life time tool that builds immunity by boosting the white blood cells into Super Cells. It kills off parasites, fungus and viruses and is used alongside ALL detox products. See article on our website blog for more information



Ginger is regard as one of the best anti-inflammatory and pain killer herbs for arthritis and migraine headaches. It is widely used for nausea and builds strong immune systems. It has proven to be a powerful herb to fight cancer… better than chemo. Available in tincture or capsule form


Wild Yam

Wild Yam  contains diosgenin that works to reduce inflammation in joints, stops diarrhea and clears out gas and obstructions often associated with colic. It is also used to prevent spasmodic asthma.



Turmeric is probably one of the most powerful herbs around…Not only does it remove fluoride from the system, it fights inflammation, stronger than Ibuprofen as a pain killer without the side effects, kills off Tummy flu in two doses when combined with Fennel and Lugol’s , reduces pain in the lining of the stomach and in The Golden Drink boost the immune system and feeds our cells.


Black Cumin Seed

Black Cumin Seed is an amazing Elixir that has a mind boggling ability to be used as a remedy for many illnesses/ailments as dis-eases. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and a massive immune booster. Stocked by us in Pure Oil, Seeds 100g and Capsules.


Lugol’s Iodine

Lugol’s iodine, which has been around for centuries and is well know for it medicinal benefits, is one of the 67, to date, identified minerals that is essential and crucial to life and health. But sadly, Lugol’s Iodine is not as well know in households as it should be, given its paramount importance for good health.  Iodine deficiencies is present in 99.99% of the populace today.. And what is worse the deficiencies in most people are huge… See our article on the website for more details



MSM serves as an important source of natural bio-available dietary sulfur, a mineral that plays a critical role in maintaining the integrity and elasticity of connective and other tissues. It is an important component of proteins found throughout the body, such as in hair, nails, skin and tendons. See Article on website


Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium Oxide Lite produces and transports energy to the cells. It develops strong heathy  muscles and removes acidity and toxins from the system



20 Mule Team® Borax is 100% natural, and 99.5% pure (there is about a half of 1% of naturally occurring trace minerals). Once removed from the ground it is washed, dried, and boxed for consumers. 20 Mule Team Borax comes from California where one of the worlds largest deposits was discovered in 1913. By using Borax in a drink mix a wonderful natural dose of boron is derives to build back bone and muscle.



Echinacea stimulates the overall activity of the cells responsible for fighting of all kinds of infection. Unlike, antibiotics, which directly attack bacteria, Echinacea makes our own immune cells more efficient at attacking bacteria, viruses and abnormal cells, including cancer cells. It increases the number and activity of the immune system cells.


Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow root protects the urinary and digestive tracts by producing a thin film of mucus that coats the linings of these organ systems. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to calm inflamed tissues of the urinary tract.



Difficulty sleeping can seriously impact your well-being and affect your ability to function in everyday life. While self-help techniques, certain medications and herbal remedies can offer relief from your symptoms, some L-Ornithine supplementation can also help promote sleep



Cysteine is an amino acid needed by the body to make proteins, which perform numerous life-sustaining functions in the body. Cysteine occurs naturally in foods and is also manufactured in the body if sufficient methionine is available.


Hydrochloric Acid

The acidic environment in the stomach is vital to the proper dismantling of foods and the subsequent absorption of nutrients. Taking hydrochloric acid (HCL) supplements can promote optimal acidity. Most people use  HCL 5% drops.


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