You have probably tried all the weight loss fads, starving yourself, measuring each gram and have been miserable throughout the process. And then to top it all if you did manage to lose weight within a few months it is all back with extra to boot. What is important to understand is that if the gut is overloaded with impacted material, and if you have not done any detoxes it will be, it is unable to nourish you, it is poisoning you daily, and it is storing all the energy you take in by the way of food as fats. Without a clean functioning bowel you will never lose weight permanently no matter what products you try, no matter how much you starve yourself.

What are the normal symptoms that come with being overweight:

Moody                Tired/exhausted          Always hungry           Hair Loss             Hormonal Imbalances
Stressed             Have no drive             Unable to exercise    Lack Of Sleep      Constipated
Lack of Oxygen   Foggy Brain               Bad Skin and other skin issues

Generally your health is not good when you are overweight and based on the above symptoms you may have even progressed further into serious health conditions like diabetes, emphysema, diabetes, gut related dis-eases etc. So what is the right way to tackle such a complex issue? The best and most permanent way is a LIFESTYLE change, not a fad for a few weeks or months … A true dedication that you wish to feel vibrantly healthy and powerful again.

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You think you’re eating healthy, but aren’t.

If you are not eating 75 % of your serving as “real food”- That is living food like salads and veggies, then you are not eating right. The secret to a healthy weight loss is to eat food that is packed with nutrition, no empty calories are needed. Eat 3 solid meals per day to avoid getting the nibbles consisting of fruit and greens in smoothies for breakfast, salads or veggies 75% and 25% protein (chicken/fish/ meat) at lunchtime and a healthy hearty soup for dinner. By skipping meals you are starving your body of the nutrients it requires. Studies show that the majority of overweight people are under nourished mainly because they are either staving themselves or they are eating junk food filled with sugar, salt and preservatives. Forget the measuring, counting of grams and skipping meals or substitute meals they do not work! Cut down on dairy and only eat white cheeses, switch to butter and get rid of all margarine’s. Use Coconut oil to cook with in place of Olive Oil. Coconut oil can take high temperature and Olive oil is meant to be taken cold like in salad dressings. Cut out ALL sugar and switch to pure honey as your sugar alternative, it not only tastes great but pure honey has amazing healing ability for your gut.
Use our Coconut Oil

In recent studies it was shocking to observe that most overweight people are totally dehydrated. This means that instead of drinking 2 litres of healthy clean water they are filling up with fizzy drinks, tea and coffee. The Gut then has the added burden of having no liquids to flush out the system and becomes even more impacted…..this is why constipation is so rife in overweight people as well. Water flushes the system and moves materials to be broken down properly so that they can be absorbed, but with an impacted colon and no liquid we have a situation where the gut gives up. Another point is in dehydration the kidneys cannot function well and will add the burden onto the liver. The liver then strains and you begin to store more fats
Use Our Living Water Concentrate to ensure your intake of water is of a high quality

Stress Levels are to High

All stress whether emotional, physical or financial is recorded by the body as the same thing STRESS.. It cannot differentiate between different stress stimuli but reacts the same by producing cortisol called the “Fight and Flight” hormone. The results are very varied but storage of fat is one of the most prominent with worsening insulin levels, muscle degeneration  etc.. To be able to lose weight in a healthy, balanced way you have to reduce your stress levels. This can be done with the thousands of modalities available like meditation, walking in nature, dealing with your emotional issues and not suppressing them.
Use our Passion Flower Tincture to calm the nerves and bring balance
Use this link to Meditations like Rite of Passage
https://rites.iamavatar.org/#a_aid=6204250147081&a_bid=51d84f71 Or
Meditation Music: -https://sacredsciences.co.za/meditations-music/

You need to Move!

Movement is the bedrock of all health. Movement not only oxygenates the body but increases your heart rate to burn calories. If you are really unfit start with gentle walking everyday even if it is only for 10 -15 min, then ramp it up and start with gentle exercising like Callanetics…

There are tons of free youtube videos for beginners and advanced to use. Make sure you are exercising at least twice a week. A further exercise that will not only bring balance to your moods, get your body supple and assist in moving fat reserve is the practice of QIGONG an ancient science that  blends the energy of your emotions, physical and well-being into a powerhouse. Here are links to follow of the one modality I recommend : The links for Ren Xue
https://renxueinternational.org/ and http://yuantzecentre.com/

Are you getting enough sleep

Ensure you are getting a minimum of eights hours sleep a night as the lack of sleep can cause a increase in your levels of cortisol and slow down our magical system that burns up fat. When sufficient deep sleep is achieved your natural system to burn fat is increased dramatically. Sufficient sleep also ensures you are in a better frame of mind, more motivated and goal driven.
Use our Deep Sleep Capsules or L-Ornithine powder to ensure deep sleep without the groggy side effects.


Fiber is your guts best friend. It not only scourers out the impacted materials and ensures a clean colon but also gives that fuller feeling which does assist in consuming less calories. Be absolutely sure to drink your required 2 litre quota of  water  if you do not constipation will ensue. To assist further consume fruit ,veggies and whole grain products for additional fiber. Cut out all GMO modified foods as they damage your colon. Pasta, breads and any gluten products clog up your colon by making it sticky, and they do not have any nutritional value anyway..
Use Psyllium Husk as a excellent fiber supplement.


Probiotics or products used to assist your digestion are very important to your gut health. If you are unable to digest your food properly you will be nutrient deficient and lack many minerals and vitamins. Try having a fermented supplement at least twice a week, like Sour Kraut or Keifer juice. Then use a supplement to feed the good bacteria in your gut and demolish the bad bacteria. If your digestion is really poor you may have to use Hydrochloric Acid to bring the level of acidity up in your gut.
Use our Rafaa Probiotic Juice and HCL


Detoxification of the body will rid you of all the toxins and impacted material that has built up in your colon over your lifetime. In studies performed we have seen up to 15 kg of waste being discarded from the colon during detoxes, energy levels improve, brain function become much clearer , acidity levels drop and general sense of well being follows. The best modality of detoxification is to do the whole body as this then clears all the organs and does not place added strain on one organ by doing part detoxes. The body is a whole and requires us to bring balance by way of seeing to all the functions of the entire body not one part of it. Detoxification should be done every 6 months to ensure you colon is cleans and well functioning. Our Full body Detox is gentle but highly effective in detoxing the whole system plus we add the Zapper to the mix and you have a extreme formula of detox found nowhere else.
The Kit Contains: ColonZap-ParaZap-KidneyZap-Liver and GallbladderZap-ImmuneZap -Can-Zap-Dida and The Zapper Plus L-Ornithine and Lugol’s Iodine




Heavy metals associated with overweight issues

Rarely is it mentioned in suggestions to lose weight that Heavy Metal Toxicity could be a major factor. Metals store in the body and causes the systems to malfunction, like thyroid, kidney and liver. If the kidneys are ailing they will pass the strain onto the liver and if the liver is overloaded it will store fats instead of converting to energy.  Heavy Metal Detoxes with Homeographic drops will assist your body to return to its natural functions and operate correctly.
See article on Heavy Metal Detox here:
Use our Heavy Metal Detox Drops

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Detox and lose kg’s in weeks. Gain Vital Health back

Detoxing the whole body will clear the body of the bacteria and parasites like Shigella that causes constipation, Ascaris and tapeworm that can be found in all asthmatic people. The Stomach is invaded by bad bacteria and parasites when you have heavy metal and toxins present. So cleaning out the foods that the parasites feed on will encourage your own immune system to function properly and balance the body into its natural weight category. Whist doing the Colon Cleanse add Garcinia Cambogia to the mix  as this inhibits the natural enzymes in you body that converts sugar into stored fat.
Use our Garcina Cambogia Tincture and Full body Detox kits

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Lack of Iodine and Vitamins linked to overweight

Most overweight conditions reflect in the system with the thyroid showing under activity and containing viruses and bacteria. Heavy Metal detox assists in re-balancing the thyroid but studies recently show that 99% of the population is iodine deficient. So supplementation of Lugol’s Iodine is crucial to better health of the system and thyroid. See Article on Lugol’s Iodine Here

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Crystals to assist with cravings

sodaliteSodalite can assist you with cravings and help you to perceive where we are on our life’s path, helping you with self acceptance and increasing your self esteem.  It can reduce stress and anxiety and allow you to gain perspective on your problems.  It allows you to move beyond the distraction of your concerns and stay focused on the moment.  On a physical level Sodalite is believed to support the regulation of blood pressure, ease water retention and improve cellular hydration.
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Tiger’s Eye Can help you heal

tigers eyeTiger’s Eye Crystal Healing Properties:

Tiger’s Eye is a solar stone of vitality, practicality and physical action. It helps to create harmony and balance between extreme view points or dualities, and is helpful in conflict. Tiger’s Eye helps you to take effective action in response to the needs and challenges of physical life. It is thought to be a blood fortifier, and to assist in bringing biochemistry and hormones into balance.

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Crystals to assist in weight loss

rose quartzRose quartz is the quintessential stone of love, for others and yourself. It is calming for the mind; assisting us to release worry, fear and past emotional trauma. It allows us to be more open to receiving and sharing love, compassion and kindness. It provides physical stability and strength to the heart.
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