Living Water Conditioning 5 Litre per session2 litres Good quality water per day that is re-mineralized is important to flush your system of toxins and acidity.. See article on Website blog….






Bicarbonate of Soda 100g reduces acidity in the system and assists alkaline blood high in oxygen to be transported through the body…





Rafaa Plain 500mlAmazing Probiotic that is natural and potent. Rafaa is an organic prebiotic and probiotic bacteria and contains live Bacteria Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bacillus Laterosporus and Saccharomyces Boulardi. Rafaa is a natural medium for the good bacteria to grow in with the correct pH and works immediately. Is a powerful antioxidant to prevent aging and can be used on the skin as well. It detoxifies the body from heavy metals as well as other toxins and can be used as a natural energy drink which strengthens the immune system. Rafaa is a natural anti-acid product to correct body’s pH level.






The Zapper is a life time tool that builds immunity by boosting the white blood cells into Super Cells. It kills off parasites, fungus and viruses and is used alongside ALL detox products. See article on our website blog for more information





Ginger Powder (100g)Ginger is regarded as one of the best anti-inflammatory and pain killer herbs for arthritis and migraine headaches. It is widely used for nausea and builds strong immune systems. It has proven to be a powerful herb to fight cancer… better than chemo. Available in tincture or capsule form






Lugol’s iodine, which has been around for centuries and is well know for its medicinal benefits, is one of the 67, to date, identified minerals that is essential and crucial to life and health. But sadly, Lugol’s Iodine is not as well know in households as it should be, given its paramount importance for good health.  Iodine deficiencies is present in 99.99% of the populace today.. And what is worse the deficiencies in most people are huge… See our article on the website for more details




Difficulty sleeping can seriously impact your well-being and affect your ability to function in everyday life. While self-help techniques, certain medications and herbal remedies can offer relief from your symptoms, L-Ornithine supplementation is the best known natural product that will assist promote sleep





There are many passion flower benefits, such as helping reduce and possibly eliminate insomnia, anxiety, inflammation from skin irritations and burns, menopause, ADHD and even more serious conditions such as seizures, high blood pressure and asthma just to name a few




Hydrochloric Acid Drops (50ml)The acidic environment in the stomach is vital to the proper dismantling of foods and the subsequent absorption of nutrients. Taking hydrochloric acid (HCL) supplements can promote optimal acidity. Most people use  HCL 5% drops.







Can be purchased as a full kit or individually

ImmuneZap Capsules
ParaZap Capsules
ColonZap Capsules
KidneyZap Capsules
Liver and GallZapp Capsules





CANDIDA BOOK by Dr Shearer
All that you would need to know about candida, dietary changes, what are the causes and how to deal with the dis-ease








Herbal Parasite Cleanse traditional Dr Hulda Clark Kit Contains:
Clove Capsules
Wormwood Capsules
Green Black Walnut Tincture extra strength





Uritract Tincture 50ml Contains:
Kidney Tincture, Ginger,Uva Ursi,Parsley Leaf,Turmeric, Buchu and Maca for a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial fighter against infections







LG/LA Capsules Contains:
L-Ornithine,L-Glutamic, L-Cysteine, L-Aspartic and L-Lysine combine to produce a powerful white cell feeder and immunity booster







Can-Zap-Dida Capsules contains:
Pau d’Arco,Oregano Leaf, Black Walnut,Turmeric,Parsley,Ginger,Thyme and cinnamon combined to form a candida buster formula





Organic Oregano and Neem Toothpaste 50gOregano and Neem Tooth powder- Natural tooth powder that fight bacteria and contains no fluoride



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