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 PART 6…

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For those that have been following the Vibrant Health Series we would like to bring to your attention that, although each article is a stand alone piece, to be able to implement total healing and fully understanding it is very important to read the previous articles.

Here are the links to those articles for ease of access for you:

A question you would be asking right now is so what are the core issues? From Series One we explained that Acidity is the for runner to most ailments (https://naturalhealingsa.com/dealing-acidity/) and https://naturalhealingsa.com/products-for-dealing-with-acidity-vibrant-health-series-part-2/
Click on these links to read through the Acidity Articles to get better acquainted with Acidity and how to combat it. So once again we first deal with any acidic conditions… But if we ignore or are unaware of this condition and leave it untreated we move to the next level of Candida and many other conditions that are truly avoidable.
(https://naturalhealingsa.com/curing-candida-albicans/) and (https://naturalhealingsa.com/deal-candida-albicans-vibrant-health-series-4/  and now https://naturalhealingsa.com/gut-colon-health/
Read through these articles to better understand why this is getting to a serious level. In conjunction with Acidity and Candida we have to look at the primary root cause:  that is what is the condition of your Gut and Colon….If your gut and colon are not operating at the most effective level you can be assured the body is ailing in some very prominent way.



A Massive amount of research is now available on this most amazing finding… And it is becoming very clear through this research that most dis-eases and inflammation in the body originate from gut  health.  But what is the link to the brain and why is it so important to observe?

The saying you are what you eat places a pivotal role in determining the health of the gut
Stress levels impact gut and brain
How much anti-biotics have you taken or are still taking?
Anti-depressant research shows the link between the gut and brain health
Pesticides and chemical level in your home
Hygiene levels maintained
Emotional Stress in your home and life

If we observe just these few points above they hardly cover the full spectrum of the symptoms experienced by us. Choices we make in our lifestyles has a huge impact on our health physically and mentally… In most cases we are all overloaded with one or more of these issues. The gut health is now connected to other symptoms like depression, anxiety and mood swings. Understanding how to balance our gut health through better life choices seems a simple path to resolving many of our unnecessary health issues and applying natural remedies lessons the impact of chemicals.

Prolonged emotional Stress leads to gut stress which in turn leads to brain stress


Chronic Stress or prolonged stress

Stress is a very under played emotion when it comes to our physical health as it weakens the immune system over long periods of time damaging the body’s ability to fight off invaders like viruses, bacteria and inflammation.
Toxic Overload/Parasite Overload
Toxic overload originates from products like pesticides,chemicals in cleaners, hygiene products that are chemically based, junk food, preservatives, fizzy drinks foods that have no nutrient value like bread, Mielie Meal, foods that are artificial and finally products that contain chloride and fluoride like tap water and toothpastes. The best option available is to go as natural as possible. The saying we use is : If you cannot eat it don’t use it internally and externally…. Remember the higher your toxic levels are the higher your parasite levels will be as toxins are the parasites food.

Bacterial Balance

One of the leading causes of bacterial imbalance is a condition called dysbiosis which is the imbalance of the good and bad bacteria in the gut. This condition originates from toxic overload of antibiotics and lack of good probiotic in the gut. This can be remedied by using fermented foods, high fibre and good supplements of probiotic and enzymes that will maintain your gut health.

And finally, the connection between the gut and the brain. View this link to understand how the gut works and the link between brain and gut. https://www.ted.com/talks/giulia_enders_the_surprisingly_charming_science_of_our_gut

This shows why the lining in the colon becomes permeable and then allows particles to penetrate the system. How Leaky Gut affects the functioning of the brain in a major way. Why we then suffer from headaches and brain dysfunctions. These are the major reasons why Leaky Gut has been linked to conditions like Bipolar,Autism etc.

Two of the main biochemical representatives of stress in the body are adrenaline and cortisol with both having major effects on gut-brain health. When stress levels rise in the body due to crisis mode, blood is diverted away from the gut in order to supply the rest of the body with higher oxygen levels to assist in the fright and flight response. In today’s fast pace modern society stress levels are way to high. The constant diversion of blood away from the gut causes the gut lining to breakdown resulting in disorders like IBS/Leaky Gut. Added to this these biochemicals suppress the immune system causing poor absorption of nutrient, food allergies and inflammation.

Once the breakdown of the lining has occurred it effects the brains ability to balance the body and further mental disorders can occur. Over 95% of serotonin in the human body is produced by the GI Tract. A happy guts means a healthy joy filled brain and must logically lead to good moods and positive outlook.

If the opposite is true and in play the gut is  inflamed and will allow bacteria and parasites  to grow leading to mood swings and disease.
This is amazingly good news as the level of difficulty in healing the brain through traditional methods of chemicals, psychiatric assistance and drugs can be at best guess work. However healing the gut with good diet, probiotics and detoxing will automatically without chemical intervention heal the gut and brain. There will be no danger of chemicals damaging other organs or systems either.

How to know if the gut is well balanced!

  1. 2-3 well formed stool movements each day that are easily dispelled
  2. Little or no gas, bloating and heartburn
  3. No abdominal pains or cramps
  4. Very little allergies, muscle fatigue, fatigue and mood swings
  5. High energy levels
  6. Clear thinking and ability to handle normal stress well
  7. No food allergies, preservative and colorant sensitivities and skin conditions


How to know if the gut is not well balanced!

Physical Symptoms that may be present:

Stiff or tense muscles mainly in the neck and shoulder area or between the shoulder blades
Loss of sex drive
Sleep problems
Weight loss or gain
Brain Fog

Behaviour Sypmtoms

Judgemental and negative
Grinding teeth
Habitual habits like smoking/food addition
Difficulty in being able to function on a normal level
Anger or violent
Unable to make decisions in life not matter how small or big
Giving your power away
Abusive nature
Obsessive beaviour

Emotional Symptoms

Poor concentration
Memory loss
Always tense
No joy
Unable to make choices

Remove foods and Toxins that harm the body:

GMO Products
Sugars of all kinds
Conventional Chicken/meat and fish- try to source organic and grass feed
Chemicals in household cleaning
Make-up and Hair Dyes
All allergens (Have yourself tested for this with the Scio Hair Analysis)


Full Body Detox at least twice a year

Choose healthier options and treat your food intake like a medicine in the sense that if it has no nutritional value do not consume it. Change to healthier options like: Bone Broth/Raw Whole Natural Diary Coconut Oil /Sprouted Seeds /Psyllium Husk/Omega- 3- fats
Good Herbs to use: Oregano/Cayenne/Parsley/Sage/Rosemary/Thyme/Basil/Coriander/Cardamom
Additional herbs- add as much to your daily diet as you can as these specific herbs increase glutamine levels

Turmeric  is regarded as the best new anti-inflammatory available from God’s Pharmacy! Not only does it work in extreme cases like cancer, but is an exceptional herb for gut and colon health. In climate changes when viruses rear their heads taking turmeric, fennel and Lugol’s iodine kills off all viruses and bacteria within hours…

  • Turmeric contains Bioactive Compounds With Powerful Medicinal Properties. …
  • Curcumin is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory Compound. …
  • Turmeric Dramatically Increases The Antioxidant Capacity of The Body.

Fennel is used for various digestive problems including heartburn, intestinal gas, bloating, loss of appetite, and colic in infants. It is also used for upper respiratory tract infections, coughs, bronchitis, cholera, backache, bed wetting, and visual problems.

Balance is the key to maintain and regain your overall health. The balance of the gut will automatically balance the brain and the relationship will become a synchronistic melody that feeds and nourishes you.  It is all in our hands to ensure what we consume through our mouths or our skin pure products that nourish us. We are our own power houses and we can through different choices heal ourselves from every single ailment that exists right now….

Join us on the journey to health recovery..
Physical Health
Mental Health
Emotional Health

Become the whole being you where meant to always be…
Be wealthy beyond your wildest dream



Gut and Colon Health….

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Join us in this wonderful journey where we will take you by the hand and lead you, step by step on the path to healing your gut the right way.
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This will include:

  1. Analysis of parasites present
  2. Any Pathogens/bacteria/viruses present
  3. Lack of vitamins and minerals
  4. Markers on Colon Health
  5. Emotional Markers to assist in the healing process
  6. Determine any Neurological Markers
  7. Any other Markers that reveal themselves as high

This Scio report is extremely comprehensive and will at times extend to 50 pages long. The Scio Specialist will forward the report to us and we will do a full interpretation of the markers for you. In addition to this we will also put together a Full Action Plan to follow that will include suggested protocols to follow, dietary changes and assistance in clearing emotional issues that are unresolved. This interpretation will be charged by us at a fee of R 800.00 per Scio interpretation.

At the end of the year journey we would like each participant to then do a follow-up Scio that will prove to you the effectiveness of the changes you have implemented. It will also then reveal any issues that have not been attended to and/or any new issues that have arisen for us to deal with.

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