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Through the Vibrant Health Series Article our intention is to share as much information and educational material as possible to assist in better understanding the origin of dis-eases and discordant conditions. Root causes of dis-ease is rarely taken into account when assimilating information on the conditions of health.. or rather the lack thereof.  BUT it is the most important information to begin with to better understand why we, in today’s advanced society, suffer so chronically and  totally unnecessarily for dis-eases and pain.

Once we can assist you in grasping the information that all dis-eases/illnesses and allergies originate from specific core issues, then maybe we will be winning the battle and enabling you to begin to understand that there are simple measures that will assist you to heal and end unnecessary suffering.

A question you would be asking right now is so what are the core issues? From Series One we explained that Acidity is the for runner to most ailments (https://naturalhealingsa.com/dealing-acidity/) and https://naturalhealingsa.com/products-for-dealing-with-acidity-vibrant-health-series-part-2/ Click on these links to read through the Acidity Articles to get better acquainted with Acidity and how to combat it. So once again we first deal with any acidic conditions… But if we ignore or are unaware of this condition and leave it untreated we move to the next level of Candida and many other conditions that are truly avoidable. (https://naturalhealingsa.com/curing-candida-albicans/) and (https://naturalhealingsa.com/deal-candida-albicans-vibrant-health-series-4/ )
Read through these articles to better understand why this is getting to a serious level. In conjunction with Acidity and Candida we have to look at the primary root cause:  that is what is the condition of your Gut and Colon….If your gut and colon are not operating at the most effective level you can be assured the body is ailing in some very prominent way.

It is prudent to remember that the body is a magnificent powerfully advanced system that can heal itself if given the correct tools to do so..

The Body will attempt to warn you in many ways of imbalances and conditions that are getting out of control. But sadly we have been conditioned not to listen to the body and through allopathic intervention suppress all warning bells like headaches, with a pain pill, inflammation with cortisone, weight gain with fad diets etc…  It is very important to grasp that an unhealthy gut will cause most if not all unhealthy conditions. This is where it all begins to go wrong as we consume junk food, food that has no nutritional value, GMO Modified foods, gluten that has been change to such a degree that the body regards it as foreign matter. We have moved from eating to live… to living to eat…with no regard as to what the impact may be on our bodies. I know this may be a very clique example but consider a diesel engine being filled with petrol instead of diesel.. You will not get the engine to function and probably will do some serious damage to the components. Your body is exactly the same , the fuel you use in it and on it will determine your health status..

We no longer have the luxury to believe that natural ingredients are a fashion statement IT IS the only way to clean up our systems and enable this magnificent machine to heal itself and be able to function in harmony and health.

We do not have to accept that the body ages. That it deteriorates and becomes weak with age. That is it is normal to be in suffering and illness. That we have to survive illness like cancer. By taking command of our own bodies we will be able to eradicate all illnesses

When we look at gut and colon health in the serious light it deserves we begin to observe that conditions like Leaky Gut Syndrome, Adrenal Exhaustion, Parkinson’s, Crohn’s,  ADHD, ADD, Autism, Bipolar, Candida, Cancer, Acid Re flux, Heartburn, Obesity, Lactose intolerance, Gluten Tolerance, Autoimmune dis-ease, Muscular Degeneration, Diabetes, Alzheimer and Dementia to name only but a few… are becoming very common ailments in our society….so unnecessary

So where do we begin:-

  1. We begin with assuring our system is alkaline by choosing healthy eating habits and consuming nutrient live foods like vegetables, salads etc. We move away from junk food and drinks, snacks that fill the belly but have no nutritional value. See our Article on Acidity Series No 1 and 2
  2. If we have progressed to Candida already then we take all the steps necessary to clear the Candida and change our lifestyle habits accordingly. See our Article on Candida Series 3 and 4
  3. If we have already been diagnosed with a debilitating illness we take our power back by changing our lifestyles to a healthy one
  4. We take back our power by educating ourselves and taking the time to research and investigate what was the root cause and by doing so we will ultimately come to acidic system that is highly deficient in nutrients
  5.  We get to grips with the fact that the fuel we take in orally and the products we place on our bodies have brought us to this critical point and then make the adjustments that are crucial.
  6. We come to terms with the fact that our bodies are made up of majority water and just like standing water becomes stagnant so will our water content in our bodies if we do not replace it regularly.
  7.  We accept that holding onto emotional trauma, bitterness, un-forgiveness, judgement and blame will only get us deeper into the hole of ill health and that we ultimately are responsible for our own emotional state.
  8. We take responsibility for our own health, our emotional well being and our lifestyles.

As there are so many conditions that originate from unhealthy gut we have elected to deal with the one  MOST people suffer from and do not even know it.




Leaky Gut Syndrome is probably one of the fastest growing conditions debilitating millions of people across the world today. And what is worse, most people are not even aware they have it!  What most people do not realize is that our gut does far more than just eliminating and digesting foods…There is a very unique collection of flora that lives within the intestines and it has a huge impact on our immune system, mental health, physical health, our hormonal system and our ability to detox properly.  Yet further we have a lining in our gut and colon which in essence is a very important protective barrier. This lining is like a very fine net with extremely tiny holes in it. It allows specific substances to pass through and stops others from crossing the lining barrier. Basically bigger particles if they cross the barrier can cause major damage to the system. When the syndrome Leak Gut occurs it is when this lining has been damaged due to toxic foods chemicals, medication, bad diet, stress etc.. The tiny holes now become very big and allow food particles and toxins to cross the barrier. These food particles could be gluten, bad bacteria and even undigested foods. This is the beginning of the attack on the immune system and inflammation throughout the system.
What causes Leaky gut

Poor Diet and acidity
Chronic Stress/ Emotional issues that have been unattended
Toxic overload which naturally leads to parasites and their by products overload
Bacterial imbalance

Poor Diet; Most common foods that damage the intestinal walls and linings are proteins found in un-sprouted grains which contains nutrient blockers called lectins and phylates. These are sugar binding proteins that act as natural defense mechanisms against attacks like mould and parasites. Basically these lectins gravitate towards the digestive lining which is naturally covered in sugar containing cells and attack them causing damage to the digestive lining, gut and inflammation is the result.

Whilst healing the digestive system remove all milk products, wheat products, grains and un-sprouted grains and sugar.

Chronic Stress or prolonged stress

Stress is a very under played emotion when it comes to our physical health as it weakens the immune system over long periods of time damaging the body’s ability to fight off invaders like viruses, bacteria and inflammation eventually leading to Leaky Gut syndrome.

Get more sleep, have a fun day/evening per week, laughter is an amazing free medicine that can do wonders and deal with your issues do not suppress them.
Toxic Overload/Parasite Overload
Toxic overload originates from products like pesticides,chemicals in cleaners, hygiene products that are chemically based, junk food, preservatives, fizzy drinks foods that have no nutrient value like bread, Mielie Meal, foods that are artificial and finally products that contain chloride and fluoride like tap water and toothpastes. The best option available is to go as natural as possible. The saying we use is : If you cannot eat it don’t use it internally and externally…. Remember the higher your toxic levels are the higher your parasite levels will be as toxins are the parasites food.

Bacterial Balance
One of the leading causes of bacterial imbalance is a condition called dysbiosis which is the imbalance of the good and bad bacteria in the gut. This condition originates from toxic overload of antibiotics and lack of good probiotic in the gut. This can be remedied by using fermented foods, high fibre and good supplements of probiotic and enzymes that will maintain your gut health.

And finally, the connection between the gut and the brain. View this link to understand how the gut works and the link between brain and gut. https://www.ted.com/talks/giulia_enders_the_surprisingly_charming_science_of_our_gut

This shows why the lining in the colon becomes permeable and then allows particles to penetrate the system. How Leaky Gut affects the functioning of the brain in a major way. Why we then suffer from headaches and brain dysfunctions. These are the major reasons why Leaky Gut has been linked to conditions like Bipolar,Autism etc.
So heal the GUT Heal the Brain and Body!


An easy way to determine if you have this condition is , but not the only way, is if you have a some or all of the following issues:
Large amount of allergies, food allergies, preservative and colorant sensitivities and skin conditions

Constant headaches

Bloating, digestive problems, gas, loose stools or IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Joint pain,muscle aches and swelling or inflammation

Lack energy and suffer from fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia

Autoimmune conditions

Anxiety, depression, erratic moods or even suicidal tendencies

Can’t lose weight no matter what you try

Toxic overload, Candida, Acidity

Trouble concentrating, memory loss, notice your cognitive ability is impaired

Normally most people will not know that these are the first signs of something larger and usually if left untreated can lead to more serious conditions.

How do we heal Leaky Gut syndrome?
Test your system to see what it is lacking and what is ailing it through a Scio Hair Analysis
Remove foods and toxins that damage the gut
Replace with wholesome fresh clean foods that heal
Repair with supplements and herbs that target the gut and colon
Re-balance good probiotics and fermented foods

Remove foods and Toxins that harm the body:

GMO Products
Sugars of all kinds
Conventional Chicken/meat and fish- try to source organic and grass feed
Chemicals in household cleaning
Make-up and Hair Dyes
All allergens (Have yourself tested for this with the Scio Hair Analysis)
Full Body Detox at least twice a year
Replace with Healing foods
Bone Broth is one of the most powerful healing aids for leaky gut Syndrome because it contains collagen and amino acids that heal the damaged lining cells. You can do a bone broth fast for 2-3 days for ultimate effects but ensure your beef bones are from grass feed organic origins to attain the best results.

Raw Whole Natural Diary products like yogurt and milk are the best to use if you have to have dairy.Add to your diet Fermented foods like sauerkraut and  Scoombie drinks as these contain organic acids that balance the intestinal PH and probiotic in the gut.

Coconut Products are digested far easier in the gut and have amazing healing properties for the gut and body. Use in cooking, oil pulling for your teeth and as a full body cream in place of chemical creams. Ladies this is an amazing vaginal rejuvenation as well as it will lubricate and keep harmful bacteria at bay.
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Sprouted Seeds should be consumed as they are high in fibre and support the growth of good bacteria and flush the gut. Psyllium Husk is a MUST have for Leak gut as it is very high in fibre to ensure there is no impacted material and cleans the gut out on a regular basis.

Omega- 3- fats can be obtained from grass feed beef and lamb and wild caught salmon.
Repair with supplements and herbs – 6 Months min action required

There is an endless list of supplements available to use in the arsenal against Leaky Gut Syndrome. Here are a few of our top choices and why:

Rafaa Tonic Probiotic supplementation is vitally important to maintain and heal the gut and colon by replenishing the good bacteria it is called re-inoculating the gut.
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Digestive Enzymes 1-2 capsules before meals to ensure all your food is properly digested and not accumulating in the gut. The best to use are Bromelain and /or Papain.  We suggest the Viridian Range for purity and quality

Liquorice Root– excellent supplement to heal the gut – (do not use if pregnant) 500 mg  twice a day or Tincture 20 drops twice a day

Turmeric and Black Pepper 1 capsule twice a day- anti-inflammatory and healer .The Black pepper assists in enabling the body to better absorb the turmeric.
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Marshmallow root 1 Capsule twice per day or Tincture 20 drops twice a day
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Slippery Elm Powder is a good choice to line the gut and avoid inflammation
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L-Glutamine-2-5 grams twice per day is an essential amino acid that has anti-inflammatory action and repairs the intestinal walls. It also clears the brain fog from inflammatory conditions of leaky gut.

Selenium is an immune booster that can be taken by eating 3-4 Brazil nuts every day. This assists the body in maintaining its levels of Glutathione

LG/LA Capsules contain:
Lysine – Immune Booster and aids enzymes growth in the formulation of collagen which assists the gut
Glutamic Acid – Nero transmitter and crosses brain barrier to allow absorption
Aspartic Acid – Assists in liver function and chronic fatigue. Will aid the function of the stomach acid.
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Lugol’s Iodine– See our Blog on Lugol’s – This is a must for all clients. Known as the “Universal Medicine”
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Hydrochloric Acid– Potent Digestive Aid, promotes optimal stomach acidity and supports better absorption
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L-Cysteine is a powerful anti-oxidant that will also support better absorption of nutrients and minerals in the colon and gut, whilst boosting the Immune system to reduce inflammation
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Black Cumin Seed in Oil or Capsules Extremely beneficial to the digestion as the thymol present in it assists the glands in secreting acids, bile and enzymes responsible for digestion
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Mucuna Pruriens Also known as the Velvet bean is another amino acid that is a powerful healer. Mucuna is used to combat depression and uplift mood as well as improve brain function known as the”Happy Herb”
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L-Ornithine Another amino acid that assists in better sleep patterns, but its chief function is to remove the ammonia out of the blood stream that prevents sleep.
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Colon Remedy Special formula for assistance in healing the Gut and Colon made up of Echinacea/ Marshmallow/Geranium/Slippery Elm/Cayenne and Calendula
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Additional herbs- add as much to your daily diet as you can as these specific herbs increase glutamine levels

Turmeric  is regarded as the best new anti-inflammatory available from God’s Pharmacy! Not only does it work in extreme cases like cancer, but is an exceptional herb for gut and colon health. In climate changes when viruses rear their heads taking turmeric, fennel and Lugol’s iodine kills off all viruses and bacteria within hours…

  • Turmeric contains Bioactive Compounds With Powerful Medicinal Properties. …
  • Curcumin is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory Compound. …
  • Turmeric Dramatically Increases The Antioxidant Capacity of The Body.

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Fennel is used for various digestive problems including heartburn, intestinal gas, bloating, loss of appetite, and colic in infants. It is also used for upper respiratory tract infections, coughs, bronchitis, cholera, backache, bed wetting, and visual problems.
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Cardamom is used for digestion problems i#ncluding heartburn, intestinal spasms, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), intestinal gas, constipation, liver and gallbladder complaints, and loss of appetite.

Cinnamon is one of the most beneficial spices on earth. The health benefits of cinnamon include being antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-microbial, immunity-boosting and more.
Epsom Salts baths are fabulous to remove total toxins from the body and help it relax. It also reduces muscle aches and pain and fights against inflammation.
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So as you can see there are quite a few remedies that can assist and help you recover from this very painful and totally unnecessary condition. You do not need to suffer and be in pain… But you do need to take responsibility for what you eat, what you use on your body and how you treat your body. Your body is a magnificent machine that is highly intuitive and capable of healing itself… We just need to listen and supply the tools for it to accomplish this…

Be Healthy… Be strong… Be joyous…Be loving…
Be wealthy beyond your wildest dream