2018’s Theme Gut and Colon Health….

Final in The 2018 Series

Synopsis on 2018 Vibrant Health Series artciles!

It has been our privileged and honour to share all the information with you on
Gut & Colon Health through our Vibrant Heath Series 2018

We truly hope you have enjoyed it!
We believe pain and suffering is of the past!
It can be eradicated!
You can have well-being again!
You can find Happiness and Peace again!
All it takes is dedication and the will power to overcome! 

In our quest to share information and assist in Self-Help-Self -Health we offered a full year of articles on Vibrant Health Series Gut & Colon Health

Each article covered a specific topic to assist in the better understanding of different health conditions that plague our health in general. We gave in depth insights to how these conditions could be dealt with, including specific products aligned with each topic.

Our 1st Article (https://naturalhealingsa.com/dealing-acidity)

“Acidity a silent debilitator of our Health” covered how we have been programmed not to listen to our bodies signals of distress. How we believe the body is a faulty machine that needs to be fixed, monitored and changed, either through chemicals or other invasive methods. We have been taught to suppress symptoms with chemicals and thoughts through the need for quick results.

We are now understanding that the body is capable of remarkably repair itself but we have to be the main participant for this to happen. We have to retrain ourselves to listen to our bodies warning signs. World Famous Louise Hay was one of the first teachers to help us understand and listen to our bodies by aligning every illness, dis-ease and ailment with an emotional issue or thought process. By looking inward as to how we think, speak, act and feel to begin to understand everything is aligned to our actions and re-actions.

Permanent healing comes from many ponits and it is up to us to make the necessary changes to align the balance of the body. This is done in three parts:

The Food and Liquids we consume
The products we use on our bodies and in our Homes and environments
How we think, believe, feel and act.

By applying all these modalities to our lifestyles we honour our bodies as the magnificent creations they truly are, plus we come to understand that the body can heal itself if we participate fully in the process. The first Topic Acidity showed how acidity can debilitate our bodies when our Ph Levels are thrown out of balance. Our ” Inner Oceans” defined the balance between electrolytes and oxygen and if this is in imbalance we would feel the effects in our bodies through lack of oxygen, unwanted debris build up, acceleration of erosion of our cells, inflammation, pain and toxic levels rising. We gave an in depth look at hydration and the vital role it plays in our systems. We gave specific information on how it is up to us to be our own practitioner of our bodies, to look deep within ourselves and take responsibility for our own choices and actions, and then to be able to break through into Vibrant Health, happiness and freedom from pain.

 Vibrant Health Series No 2- Acidityhttps://naturalhealingsa.com/products-for-dealing-with-acidity-vibrant-health-series-part-2/)

We dedicated a whole newsletter to the products that are at our disposal to combat acidity, dehydration, joint pain, increase our oxygen levels and fight off free radicals.

Vibrant Health Series No 3- Candida ( https://naturalhealingsa.com/curing-candida-albicans)

We shared with you the “Shocking Research that Cancer is now regarded as a Fungus”- In the article is was explained that fungus can be eradicated so it goes to the understanding if Cancer is a fungus it is curable by far less invasive methods (radiation and chemo).The article gave credence to Dr Hulda Clark’s 80 odd years of research  that Cancer is curable and in so doing opened up the doors to understand Cancer far better.

So having spoken in depth about the core issues, why suppression with traditional drugs is not the better method and how we MUST find root causes to be able to heal completely… We connected the dots, so to speak, by showing acidity leads to a system that allows all manner of dis-eases to grow right? Cancer is a fungus and Candida is a fungus and both can only survive in acidic condition.

We explained how candida is normally regarded as a trivial aliment, but have proven if left unchecked can and does lead to more serious conditions like Cancer, heart issues, brain fog, IBS etc: By suppression with chemicals we are actually feeding the Candidiasis instead of looking to root causes and eradicating it.

We gave a full protocol in Vibrant Health Series No 3-Candidiasis on how to clean up the system,, what products and modalities to use and finally Louise Hay take on Candida in article No 4 (https://naturalhealingsa.com/deal-candida-albicans-vibrant-health-series-4)

“People who have candida are often very frustrated and angry and may feel scattered in their personal and professional lives. Since they are basically untrusting, they are often very demanding in relationships. They are great takers, by not very good givers. Early in life they learned that they could not trust people who were close to them. Now, they cannot trust themselves….”

Vibrant Health Series No 5- Gut & Colon Health ( https://naturalhealingsa.com/gut-colon-health/)

We moved onto the Gut and Colon Health and drew the correlation for you from acidity to candida, if the aliment were not attended to and the Gut and Colon Health. The Gut and Colon is your primary system that feeds and nourishes you. If you are not attentive to its health, dis-eases will be present in some form.

“We do not have to accept the body ages. That it deteriorates and becomes weak with age. That it is normal to be in suffering and illness. That we have to survive illnesses like Cancer. By taking command of our own bodies we will be able to eradicate all illnesses.”  Dr Hulda Clark

A detailed explanation of where to begin, what to use, what to replace in the form of foods and chemicals, what herbs and supplements to add to your regime was laid out for you in this article. We even gave you the best testing tool available “SCIO” to use as an analyse of your whole system. This was to show you that instead of many different expensive blood tests a “Scio” analysis would cover all aspects of what was ailing your body. This in depth report would be used to systematically eradicate all discordant energies and bring balance to where it was required.

Vibrant Health Series  No 6-Gut & Colon Health- The connection between the Gut and Brain

This fascinating article showed how we actually have two brains. The brain in the head and the brain in the colon. How eating junk foods, stress, over use of antibiotics and anti-depressants effected both brains, leading to the two brains inability to nourish us and reduce our cognitive abilities. We gave you a detailed system to remove offending products, adding beneficial products and detoxification methods that would bring both brains back into full balance and health.

Vibrant Health Series No 7-Toxicity https://naturalhealingsa.com/toxicity-clean-up-body-home-environment/)

In this article we covered toxic clean up home-body-environment. We unearthed the common bio-toxins, common chemical toxins, VOCS, asbestos and EMF we subject ourselves to in our homes, businesses and general environments. Signs indicating its time to detox was listed for you, as well as the products that could be used in place of the harmful ones. This article gave a detailed description of how high our toxic levels actually are and how we could reduce them dramatically to clean our bodies, homes and environments.

Vibrant Health Series No 8- Hygienehttps://naturalhealingsa.com/hygiene-linked-to-gut-and-colon-health/)

We described in this article areas that would not necessarily be regarded as high risk area of hygiene in your home and office. We listed from the highest contamination levels of toxicity to the lowest with some surprising results. We covered home-personal-office areas to give you a wide variety of risk areas that  we normally do not consider hygiene risks at all. A full list of suggested products and protocols was given to show you how to improve your hygiene levels and thereby strengthening you immune system. This information was to bring awareness to our environments so we would be able to implement measures that would save us from future pain and dis-eases.

Vibrant Health Series No 9 -Weight Loss Solutions ( https://naturalhealingsa.com/weight-loss-solutions-your-gut-is-the-secret-key/)

In this article we revealed the true secret to losing weight.. Your Gut Health..

Eating habits were addressed to motivate healthier lifestyle choices aligning with “Real Food” that feeds and nourishes rather than empty dead foods. Hydration was mentioned as by now we are all aware of our “Inner Oceans” and the need to keep well hydrated. we covered stress issues and dealing with life’s challenges rather than suppression.

One items very few are aware of is Heavy Metal Toxicity in over weight people. Heavy Metal Toxicity often is a major factor that causes our systems to malfunction. Our vital organs are overloaded and cannot function the way they should, instead energy is used to fight off invaders and an overload of parasites due to the Heavy Metal Toxicity (Food for Parasites).

Lugol’s Iodine’s important role was covered in this article as well, as 99% of our population are Iodine deficient leading to many illnesses and over weight problems.  As with all Gut & Colon Health a Full Body Detox was suggested as a prerequisite. We need our digestive systems to operate at optimum level and that cannot happen if it is blocked with impacted materials.  Impacted colons restrict the absorption of vital nutrients we require to repair and balance our bodies.

Vibrant Health Series 10- Pet Health & Hygiene (https://naturalhealingsa.com/pet-health-and-hygiene-naturally/)

Many of us are Pet Parents and because Pets play such a vital role in our lives we have to ensure not only their health but our too!

Detoxing our Pets is an absolute must to ensure everyone’s health continues because we live in such close proximity with each other. Pets just like us need to be nourished properly, their gut and colon need to be clean and functioning well to be able to absorb vital nutrients.We outlined the Pet Parasite Program for you in detail as well as the issues that arise from not detoxing correctly or regularly.

Vibrant Health Series No 11-Depression a Real Pandemic! (https://naturalhealingsa.com/depression-a-real-pandemic-vibrant-health-series-pt-11/)

In the last Vibrant Health series article of the year we covered one of the most debilitating and common ailments currently being experienced- depression. So many people- 80% of the populace do not even recognize that they are suffering from depression. So we took it upon ourselves to dedicate a whole article of in depth research for you on this topic.

We uncovered that not only does chemicals and hormone imbalances create the stage for depression but lifestyle choice, stress, environmental toxins, food, emotional suppression and parasites as well. We gave you the statistics of how clinical diagnosis defines depression and the parameters they are instructed to use. So what is depression? was covered in extreme detail for you as well as some of the major causes. Solutions to remedy the situation were suggested covering hydration, detox, toxins elimination and supplementation required.

Reading through these articles in sequence will enable you to fully understanding how dis-ease develops in the body when we neglect it. We directed you on a journey of pin pointing primary root causes:  that is what is the condition of your Gut and Colon….If your gut and colon are not operating at the most effective level you can be assured the body is ailing in some prominent way.

This is the Last in our series of Gut And Colon Health for 2018 we sincerely hope you have enjoyed them!